Technical Infrastructure

Electrical energy
2 loop service entrance cables 22 kV, switch room equipped with 3 pieces of transformers 22/0.4 kV.

Heating gas
Medium pressure connection JS 200 with pressure 200 kPa brought out from transforming station high-pressure/medium-pressure is set up to booth transforming station in the area, from there the gas boiler plant is connected on by connection JS 300 with pressure 18 kPa (3 boilers with rated power 4,04 MW).

Drinking water connection from the municipal water conduit through piping JS 300 from Zeleznicni street, own spring create 2 wells with total well-yeild 857 m3/day in industrial water quality.

The whole area is desewered by collector JS 2200 through sewage treatment plant to the river Bystrice.

Compressed air
There are 4 units in the compressor room with total supply 600 m3/hour.

Hard landscapings

Except asphalt roads there is hard panel surface with area of 13.000 m2 with crane runway and tower-crane MB 1645 (lifting capacity at unloading 16 m - 10 t, 30 m - 4,6 t).

Traffic connection

By road
From Zeleznicni street connecting to Chvalkovicka street.

By railway
Possibility of railway siding connection to route Olomouc-Bruntal.

To the center
Cca. 3 km on arterial roads.

By city transport
Bus Nr. 13 from Zeleznicni street (cca. 10 minutes to the main station).


The area is situated in the north-eastern part of the city in an industrial section.


The whole area is excluded from agricultural land resources.